Firm History

In 1989 Doug and Mike Ciserella started Pioneer Engineering and Environmental Services in Chicago.  Shortly after opening Pioneer we saw first-hand how difficult it was for owners to obtain closure on environmentally impaired properties.  Owners of these properties wanted the liability off their balance sheets, or simply wished to not burden their heirs with legacy environmental problems.  Cantera Development Group was born from the idea of leveraging our expertise in assessing and managing environmental risk to help owners dispose of their environmental liabilities.   In 1991 Cantera started to purchase contaminated gas stations and dry cleaners.   Over time we purchased larger and more complicated environmentally impaired properties including landfills, bulk petroleum terminals, steel manufactures and scrap metal recyclers.  We have successfully leveraged our knowledge of site investigation, remediation, financial/insurance products and real estate development/construction to remediate and redevelop several dozen Brownfield sites.  We are extremely proud of our work and have many satisfied clients/former property owners to attest to our honesty and professionalism. In January 2023 Eddie Adler joined Cantera as Director of Business Development.

In addition to our contaminated property experience, we have successfully developed residential subdivisions, mixed-use apartment buildings, industrial buildings, office campuses and logistics/truck parking, cross-docks and repair facilities.

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