Doug Ciserella

DougDoug Ciserella is a founding partner and principal of Cantera Development Group, LLC. Doug has over 30 years of professional environmental consulting and real estate development, construction and management experience. Doug is involved in virtually every aspect of the company including property selection and acquisition, project finance and insurance, remediation evaluation and oversight, predevelopment planning, site development/construction and asset management.

Doug graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BS in Accounting and again from University of Colorado Boulder with a BS in Civil Engineering. With the advent of the Underground Storage Tank Regulations and Responsible Property Transfer Act, Doug and his partner started Pioneer Engineering & Environmental Services, LLC in 1989. Their objective was straightforward: to provide responsive, efficient and practical environmental solutions for the real estate finance and transactional industry. Today, Pioneer is #1 in the State of Illinois in obtaining No Further Remediation (NFR) letters and is considered a premier provider of environmental and geotechnical engineering and consulting services.

Doug enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, hiking, skiing and biking.


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