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Site Remediation

We offer a wide range of remediation capabilities to handle the various types of environmental issues and problems present at contaminated sites.

Conventional to Complex Remediation

From conventional remediation to complex in-situ remedial systems, Cantera will evaluate the most feasible remedial approach from both an economic and technical perspective. We can design, install, operate and maintain virtually any remediation system to meet your specific needs:

  • In Situ Solidification/Stabilization (ISS)
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB) 
  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)
  • Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination (ERD)
  • Dissolved Activated Carbon (DAC)
  • Conventional Soil Removal and Disposal
  • Vapor Intrusion (VI) Mitigation 
  • Metals Stabilization/Treatment
  • Biodegradation/Enhanced Natural Attenuation
  • Soil Vapor /Dual Phase Extraction
asbestos environmental contaminant successfully remediated by cantera development group

Remediation Risk Transfer

Cantera uses remediation risk transfer solutions to help resolve the unknowns related to environmental cleanup costs and the potential for changing conditions and regulations during the cleanup process.  This approach provides financial certainty and cost effective and efficient solutions to help our clients manage environmental risk and achieve closure.  We contractually transfer the risk of a cleanup from site ownership to Cantera and, if required, is backed by a cost cap remediation insurance policy.  Cantera also provides guaranteed fixed price remediation services which guarantees remediation will stay within the remediation budget and any cost overruns are absorbed by Cantera and not ownership.

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We have successfully leveraged our knowledge of site investigation, remediation, financial/insurance products and real estate development/construction to remediate and redevelop over fifty Brownfield sites.

We are extremely proud of our work and have many satisfied clients/former property owners to attest to our honesty and professionalism.

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